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Hello and thanks for visiting my web page. And Update for April 2021 I just added a store to purchase The Veteran SDR instead of using eBay and all the accosiated fees involved.  The Magnis is also avaialbe for sale.  More details at my other website

A little about me. I go by Stewart or Stew for short. I was first licensed a Technician in 2011 as KF5KOG. Over the next few months I worked my way up to General then Extra. I changed my call to N8VET back in June 2017. Since my move to Ohio N8 seemed more fitting and luckily a VET was available to reflect me as a retired Veteran.

When I first started out I was looking to build my own equipment. I came across this thing called SDR. I built my first radio, an Avala-01, and never looked back to traditional radios. I sure learned a lot over the years. Without any formal electronics training. This world of electronics was a steep leaning curve for me. Loved every minute of it. Even the frustrating days wondering why something wasn't working as it should and by diving into theory to troubleshoot equipment really helped advance my knowledge base.

I mostly run digital modes at QRP power. I'm working on bringing some real power into the shack in the 1kw range for SSB.

My antennas consist of an MFJ 1798 vertical 80-2M and a 160M reduced ½ Sloper which seems to work quite well.

I'm a avid builder and fixer. A true believer of building your own equipment. Some projects include bringing old Heath Kit test equipment back to life. Building a Scotty MSA, 1ghz VNA. Building countless SDR radios from Softrocks to Hermes SDR. Currently starting work on an Angelia SDR. Also in the project pipeline is a Pic a Star.

Other hobbies and interests include working on classic muscle cars, home remodeling, RC airplanes.

Most of my adult life I spent in the military. Started out as a UH-1H(Huey) mechanic. Went to flight school in '87. Ended up flying Hueys, Cobras, Apaches, and Apache Longbows. My time in the sand box was '07-'08, Afghanistan. Now I'm working as Medivac pilot in central Ohio.

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